In challenging times, there is a plethora of reactions and decisions taking place, isn’t it?

There are myriads of headlines about the same facts, saying the same things differently from diverse viewpoints. (2.06 billion results on google related to the infamous virus today).

Looking back a few weeks ago, everything was planned meticulously for weeks, months and the year ahead! We were thinking comfortably with a positive outlook on the so promising year 2020.
Yet, here we are, in a truly uncertain future with the past now so far away!
Our lives, our priorities, our routines, our carefully planned days have shifted: the present is our only certainty.

Some of us are adjusting marginally, some are transforming dramatically, some are making the most of the situation in ways that suit them, some are running like headless chickens, some put their heads in the sand until the invisible go away…Don’t worry no one is judging us, we are facing the same screens!

This is the time to create, to innovate, to share, to learn more, to take the chance to do things differently, to e-meet new people, to activate our network, to solve problems, to fix whatever needs fixing, to think and act collectively!
This is the time to reflect (at least a little) on the paradigm shift this exceptional situation brings into our lives, our organisations and our society.

Whatever you do, a few words of advice:
· Take a step back
· Don’t let the headlines cloud your principles
· Check and validate the information
· Reinforce your aptitude for critical thinking
· Sharpen your judgement
· Keep your instinct intact
· Surround yourself (virtually)
· Discuss and get a second opinion
· Remain Calm
· Don’t take yourself seriously

When change is being forced on us, it disrupts our principles, our values and our vision of the world: abrupt shifts against our will may cause inefficient, frustrating and destabilising changes.
Waiting to do something because you’re forced to is rarely a positive approach to growth or leadership.
Take the lead. Not because you must, but because it is the right thing to do and you certainly can!